Everything you need to know about Fabric patterns

Everything you need to know about Fabric patterns

Have you ever considered how many uses there are for the cushion you use to prop up your feet? The ottoman has evolved, and in modern decor, it may serve as a coffee table, extra sitting, and storage! Ottomans come in different sizes and are the hidden jewel that your room could be lacking. Don't pass up on using this useful piece of furniture in the center of the room to save space or to make a statement. Here are 10 ways that ottomans may improve your space.

Many different types of ottomans are interesting and visually attractive due to their shapes and geometric arrangements. Think about a circle-shaped set of ottomans that, when broken apart, can provide four equal wedges of seats. Blow up outdoor ottomans come in a variety of forms, from circular to serpentine designs.

Ottomans with materials like denim or tweed that are suitable for children can be used as a flat surface for children to play on as they sit on the floor. A larger ottoman inflatable may be utilized for board games and socializing with guests without taking up space at your home's main dining table or in the common areas.

Match your ottoman inflatable. For quick color combinations, use a hue from your walls, artwork, or fabric. The ottoman can complement your current décor or match the nearby furnishings. The variety of fabric patterns that we have will furthermore beautify your beautiful home. So let see some of the hot-selling fabric patterns that we offer are: 

  • stripe
  • paisley
  • cube
  • geometric
  • palm
  • knot
  • bowknot
  • chrysanthemum


You can find a lot of patterns that add style and life to the fabric. Just like the checkered pattern, stripes are among the oldest and have a rich history. It's rich enough that stripes might not be part of the fashion and interior design industries if things turned out differently.

Any textile that has been knitted, woven, or printed so that it has bands of various colors that are equally or irregularly spaced is referred to as "striped cloth." A garment can have vertical stripes by altering the color or adding more warp (vertical) yarns. The majority of stripes used in menswear, such as pinstripes, chalk stripes, and candy stripes, are examples. A garment's weft (horizontal) strands can be changed to produce horizontal stripes. 

The stripe pattern in ottoman furniture is most popular as it is vibrant in colors and everyone likes vibrant and decent colors which in stripe looks nice as there are thin lines, however, if people want brighter ones they can have those too, too, as they are much more eye-catching.


Describe Paisley The term "paisley" refers to a particular style of design distinguished by curving teardrop forms called "boteh" or "buto." Buto, which is Persian for "flower," has been compared to feathers, tadpoles, mangos, and even the Yin-Yang symbol by many.

Paisley may be entertaining and retro-inspired. In addition to stripes, geometric motifs, and polka dots, it also looks fashionable in solid hues.

Because paisley might seem antiquated and doesn't go with anything, many people steer clear of it. We are at odds. Paisley may be entertaining and retro-inspired. In addition to stripes, geometric motifs, and polka dots, it also looks fashionable in solid hues.


With a stunning geometric pattern design, Cube fabric is a chic and contemporary curtain material. While I prefer to attempt to keep my sewing area organized, I also want anything I could need within easy reach. With a lovely appliqué featuring a sewing motif on the front, these quilted storage cubes are ideal for remaining organized and are a fantastic way to use up little fabric scraps.




One colour can be used to create a pattern on geometric cloth. A multi-toned look is possible because to the straight lines and forms. This may be achieved in a print by using various textures or shading. This design is a fantastic substitute for a simple cloth with single flat block color.

In both complicated and basic geometric pattern design, forms including squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, and stars are frequently utilized.


Evergreen palm trees grow without branches and have long feathery or fan-shaped leaves. Old leaf scars on the trunk create a firm, uniform pattern. A colorful design of vivid, tropical palm leaves is offered.

My personal favorite is this palm design as green is really refreshing to sight. It is nowadays the most demanding pattern in furniture.

Choose this cotton fabric with a huge black-and-raw-background design of a palm tree to make wallets, pillows, curtains, and other accessories. Use this vibrant, 100% cotton fabric with vegetal designs to create your own decorating aesthetic.


The knot design is very common in the ottoman stools, it is a knitted for of cloth that is more soft and velvety. It is manufactured on the single flatbed or single circular jersey machines. The V pattern that is generated during knitting on the front side of the jersey makes it unique from other fabrics. Jersey has a clear right and wrong side and appears differently on its front and back sides. Jersey makes a crossing bend toward its face.

Weft-knit and warp-knit fabrics are the two fundamental types of knit fabric. Run-resistant warp-knit textiles like tricot and Milanese are frequently used in lingerie. Fabrics made of weft are more prevalent and simpler to create. If not fixed after being sliced, they will unravel.

As a result, another name for this kind of knit fabric is the double-faced rib. The greatest sort of knit fabric to use for making trousers, skirts, and tanks are interlocked. Any fiber is OK; we carry cotton, wool, hemp, and bamboo. We also have some polyester, modal, rayon, and tinsel in stock.


A bow knot is a fabric that has bow printing. It varies in colors and combinations. Different bow styles give a very fascinating and elegant vibe.  It is one of the most common designs that is thoroughly loved by everyone. 


Chrysanthemums are naked flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae, sometimes known as mums or chrysanths. Northeastern Europe and East Asia are their native continents. East Asia is the region from which most species come, and China is the hub of variety.

Chrysanthemum wall coverings, home décor products, and fabric by the yard are all made by independent manufacturers worldwide.


There are several ottoman designs that may completely alter your environment and home's appearance from every perspective. Anywhere you desire may be decorated with the many colors and patterns that are offered—coordinating your interior's design, wallpaper, and themes. You may choose from any of the designs and color combinations. Your taste buds are at liberty with so many choices here. Children, as well as adults, may find the colorful patterns and bold motifs to be quite appealing. These hues and patterns may actually make you and your kids happy and joyful.

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