How do you inflate an air couch?

How do you inflate an air couch?

The beauty of inflatable chairs and sofas is that they are both comfy and straightforward to operate. If you're looking for an easy and comfortable way to relax after a long day, consider inflating an air couch. Well, Melody Elephant pays close attention to every detail while designing the best inflatable furniture for different event settings.

The best inflatable sofas are also a pleasant way to lounge in outdoor areas, particularly dorms or tiny flats with limited room. These inflatable couches might be terrific seating alternatives if you have a dorm room or den.

If you're not sure how to inflate an air couch, don't worry since we've simplified the process in the steps below. Preparation of your inflatable couch outdoor requires no tools. We'll look at the inflatable couch or sofa in this article.

So, keep reading and know how to inflate an air couch.

Things included in modern inflatable air sofa

The inflatable couch is a wise decision when you have little budget. You can avail more benefits from this product. It is not heavies in wight like wood sofa and chair. Mainly it includes three parts:

  1. PVC INNER 1:Back Part
  2. PVC INNER 2:Seat Part
  3. Fabric Cover

One by one steps for inflating the air couch:

However, we recommend utilizing an electric pump for the simplest configuration. Locate the valves on the chair's bottom. The inflated sofa has two valves. Each valve fills one of the chair's chambers. Adjust the stiffness of your chair to your liking by adding or removing air from each chamber. Please use caution when inflating the chair. If you follow the below-mentioned steps, you will inflate the air couch within 15 minutes.

  • Unfold the seat part PVC inner, inflate with an electric pump or foot pump, and Inflate the PVC inner up to 60%. Make sure don't fill the sofa with extra air; it may cause damage to the sofa or couch. So, flexibility should be.

  • Open the bottom cover zipper, Put the PVC inner into the fabric cover, Set the air valve on the right position.

  • Close the zipper, Keep inflating until it is almost full.

  • Unfold the back part PVC inner Inflate with an electric pump or foot pump, Inflate the PVC inner up to 60%.

  • Open the backrest cover zipper, Put the back part PVC inner into the fabric cover, Set the air valve in the right position.

  • Close the zipper, Keep inflating until it is almost full. After completely inflating the air in the sofa, you must verify any leakage of air in the sofa, and whether the valve is closed properly or not. 

Note: After inflation, the fabric cover can zip up. If overfilled, zippers may be damaged or cannot close. Its Bearing weight is 160kgs

When you plan to deflate the sofa, you also be careful with the sofa. After deflation, you just pack the sofa properly.

To Deflate: 

  1. To let the air out, open the air valve. The valve should be opened by pinching it.
  2. Use an electric air pump with the hose in the "Deflate" position for the quickest results.

Repair instruction

If your inflatable sofa or couch has some damage or hole, you must follow these instructions before inflating the couch. 

  • Cut the required size according to puncture or hole 
  • Thoroughly clean damaged surface and allow to dry for 10 minutes 
  • Remove vinyl patch from the paper backing 
  • Press patch firmly over hole pr puncture 
  • Do not inflate for 20 minutes 

Safety instructions

Adult supervision is required for inflation, deflation, and maintenance. Follow all safety instructions to avoid serious injury.

  • You may use indoor and outdoor purposes with specific air capacity
  • Infants and anyone with restricted mobility are not intended users of inflatable sofas.
  • Before using the couch, position it in a secure location without any close-by sharp edges, stairs, drops, or breakable objects.
  • Use only on level surfaces. Use caution while placing this chair close to sharp or pointy items or on rough surfaces.
  • Keep this couch away from heat sources, including heaters, fires, and sparks.
  • Use caution when using this chair near hot or pointy things.
  • Don't leap up onto the chair.

Benefits of inflatable couch outdoor

  • The air couch is a great way to increase your comfort while watching TV or reading a book.
  • The air couch can help reduce back pain.
  • The air couch is also a good choice for people who have difficulty getting up from a seated position.
  • The air couch can be used in any room in the house.

The air couch may be used both indoors and outside. Depending on the layout and construction of the particular model you own, it ought to be roomy enough to offer comfort while also folding easily for mobility. In order to avoid accidentally damaging your air couch while using it, you should also check the weight restriction.

For the ultimate support, some inflatable couches even come with a headrest. And versions with pockets are better if you want to buy one for camping and travel. Also, choose an air couch that you can stake down to keep it anchored through various weather situations.

If you want to buy an affordable and high quality inflatable air sofa, Melody Elephant is just one click away!

Why and when do you need to inflate the air couch?

As the name suggests, these inflatable sofas or couches for comfortable sitting need inflation, and you have to inflate couches in a proper way. In addition, a proper air-filled sofa gives you its complete functionality. We already mentioned how to do it in the aforementioned steps you should follow.

Okay, whenever you feel that your sofa is pressing more than usual, you should think about inflating the modern air sofa. It would be good, before sitting you should check the air in your modern inflatable air sofa.


Using an electric pump or foot pump is the perfect solution if you're looking for an easy way to inflate and deflate your air couch. Just connect the pump to the inflation valve on your air couch, turn it on, and wait a few minutes for the air couch to start inflating. To deflation, just reverse the process. We recommend that you inflate the couch approximately 60 to 70 % of your desired firmness. 

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