How To Reupholster An Ottoman Without Sewing?

How To Reupholster An Ottoman Without Sewing?

Reupholstering can be a tough thing especially when you have an inflatable ottoman. Sometimes seven finding the right kind of inflatable ottoman cover also becomes an uphill task and you can not really think of a solution. There are several ways in which you can reupholster an ottoman without having to go through the trouble of buying a new one or having to sew a whole new cover yourself.

When To Reupholster?

It is no news that reupholstering has to be done when your inflatable ottoman is under the weather. It is an especially difficult task since you do not want to damage the ottoman and go through the horror of getting another one. It becomes pretty apparent when the seams start to pop or the colour of your ottoman starts to fade away that you might need to reupholster it. That is when you tactfully opt for a smart and foolproof method to help you get past it.

Reupholstering An Ottoman Without Sewing

There are several ways in which you can reupholster an inflatable outdoor ottoman, you may even do so with an indoor one as well. Here are a few safe ways in which you can do that:

Use Hardware

Sometimes the answer to our problems is pretty simple and we complicate it for no reason whatsoever. It is an excellent method if you use some sort of hardware in the reupholstering of your inflatable ottoman. Most of the time, the fabric used for upholstering is pretty sturdy and tough and can easily take in a nut or two. You can even drill through layers of fabrics

and tighten screws so that they do not go loose easily. Using hardware may seem like a daunting task but it is actually a fairly simple and smart solution to your upholstering problems. Most of all, it does not involve stitching of any sort.


Stapling can be another really useful non stitching method that you can use to just be rid of your reupholstering issues. Stapling can be really easy to do if you know what you are doing. There is one thing you need to be careful of and that is to avoid puncturing the inflatable square ottoman or chair that you have. Most of the time when we are stapling, we tend to puncture the inner lining of the ottoman and that causes a few problems. If you take care of this part, the rest is fairly easy to do.


Glueing is one of the best solutions when it comes to indoor and outdoor ottoman reupholstering. It is not only a very simple method but it also involves very little practice and precision. If you are fairly new to the reupholstering of ottomans, there is a good chance, you will find glueing really helpful in that case. Simply glue the required sizing together and you have a new inflatable ottoman cover. There is, however, one problem that you may face. It is possible that once glued together, there is no room for redoing or mistakes of any sort. So you must be really careful with your measurements and understanding of the structuring of your ottoman.

The Folding Method


The folding method also helps when you opt for a method of reupholstering that does not involve stitching of any sort. The best part about folding is that it gives you a lot of room to fix your mistakes and you can do over any side or sizing that you have messed up. There is, however, a downside to folding as well, it is a weaker type of reupholstering and if your square outdoor ottoman is going through some rough time, it will most probably come off. That is one drawback of the folding method that it becomes fairly loose with time and has to be redone over and over again.                                                                      

Tips and Tricks For Reupholstering An Ottoman

There are some tips and tricks you should always follow, be it a square inflatable ottoman or a regular one, you can always do these for the long life of your current upholstering and the ease of your new upholstering.

1.  Use the holes as a guide

If you do not know where to start and end following the holes in the already sewn ottoman cover might be a good place to start. Just follow along the holes and seams and continue either stapling or glueing whichever method you have in use. When starting with a new fabric, use your old one as a guide and create clear demarcations.

2.  Fabric matters

Keep in mind that the fabric you are using has a lot to do with the kind of method you will use for your upholstering. It must be understood that you need a rough and tough, fade-resistant fabric for an outdoor inflatable ottoman especially. Also if you are puncturing the fabric with nuts and bolts or a stapler, it needs to be thick enough to be able to bear that.

3.  Avoid the pins

It is definitely not a non stitching method but sometimes people tend to use pins all over as if it would solve their trouble. Using lots of pins only adds to your inflatable outdoor ottoman cover problems. Pins may seem like an easy way to get out of reupholstering your ottoman but in the long run, they are not only really harmful in houses with children but also tend to damage the inner lining.

4.  Glue on elastic troubles

Glueing on elastic can be a good idea if you are making a cover for your inflatable ottoman that is easy to wash and put back on. There is, however, the greatest problem that the washing will wash off the glue and you will be left with a shapeless piece of cloth only.

5.  Care before reupholstering

Instead of investing your time and energy in reupholstering sometimes taking good care of your old upholstering will also prove to be beneficial. It is always a good idea to wash and rinse your old upholstering and try to repurpose it rather than jumping on to a new one immediately. A good outdoor ottoman will probably benefit from this practice.

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