About Us

Our Story

Inflatable FurnitureMelody Elephant came about as the brainchild of Lydia and Gerald Watson, a thriving couple from New York City who understood the real importance of inflatable furniture. In the early 1980s, Gerald and Lydia were great camping enthusiasts who lived an outdoor life. They realised that modern problems require modern solutions and on came the idea of Melody Elephant. They wanted something portable and convenient that was beautiful to look at and easy to carry around: inflatable furniture. They experimented with bright gorgeous colours and amazing patterns. They patented the brand name in 1993 and then it all began. They started their journey to become one of the greatest inflatable furniture brands in the continental US.
At first, the staff was just husband and wife but by and by they began adding on members of the core team until today when it is a 220 people office with so much to look forward to. Soon after the very first few sales, a small shop in downtown New York really amplified the business. The business boomed and brought in a broader audience. The city of New York loved every bit of it. The people welcomed the idea of an inflatable couch, an ottoman and what not right into their houses.

Melody Elephant - The Brand

The name of the brand has always been something people have speculated over. They have asked so many questions and they have always wanted to know what it means. The answer to that question is fairly simple. Melody Elephant refers to the size of all the furniture that we are selling to our customers. Just like the dreams of our creators, our furniture is also grand size so there is a need to name it something of that sort. The melody part of the name is also an interesting one. The co-owners Gerald and Lydia were in absolute love of the outdoors and are camping enthusiasts at heart. They chose this word to describe how that same passion is translated right into Melody Elephant. It is light and airy, durable yet very feather-like, gentle yet strong. This is why our inflatable sofas seem heavy and sturdy when you look at them but are light and portable when you use them. Then came the bright idea to call it Melody Elephant and ever since then it has been a story told in households all across the world. Melody Elephant became the name of quality and uncompromised excellence!

Our Motto

The motto for Melody Elephant is ‘Comfort: Larger Than Life’ and that is truly what we believe in. We offer the greatest solution to the outdoor camping industry. We believe that there is no limit to comfort and that it is the ultimate right for everyone to achieve maximum comfort in life. We have literally created this brand to provide comfort and ease to the living standard of people all across the world. The motto also tells that we believe in providing not just comfort but also excellent quality.

Oftentimes people associate cheapness with inflatable furniture but we have truly given it a new repute with our larger than life approach. We have associated luxury with inflatable furniture and that is one of the biggest achievements that we have made. So the next time when you put your feet on an inflatable piece of furniture, you know you are living your best life. Our motto is truly completed when the customer, our great clientele from across the world, tells us that they have never enjoyed living in their living spaces more than they do now. The fact that we are able to add to the living standard of someone is truly enjoyable and a pleasure to us.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple. We aim to provide the maximum comfort and that, too, at an affordable price. We want to strike that balance where the consumer does not have to choose between price and quality, we provide them both at staggeringly affordable rates. The best part about creating inflatable furniture is that it must be approachable to the consumer of the middle class and even the lower class. That is our goal. We work day and night to make this a reality for all our customers.

There is an ample amount of work and effort that goes into creating inflatable furniture but that burden should never be on the consumer who is out there looking for an easy replacement of the old, redundant and heavy wooden furniture. The most amazing part about inflatable furniture is the fact that it does not take time and energy from your life and makes life easy for you. Cleaning it is a breeze. It can be moved from one place to another very easily and it does not disrupt your everyday life in any way. It is a revolution in itself.

The Inflatable Furniture Revolution

It is hard to believe that inflatable furniture began as a military tactic. Tanks would be inflated to confuse the enemy and they would think the number of tanks is far more than it was said to be. Soon the trend picked up and inflatable furniture started to be used as poolside accessories. By and by people started to realise it could be a useful thing to add to the household. The greatest part perhaps began with the onset of the 1980s when inflatable furniture was seen in common houses and everywhere.

The 90s were the real revolution when it comes to inflatable furniture. The 90s really shaped it up to be what it truly was, they gave it its true place and it reigned supreme from then on. From poolside toys, beds, couches and ottomans were invented which further took the craze beyond the roof. People really started to enjoy living in smaller spaces because the furniture was so easy to move and it would not make their house look congested or tight in any way possible. They began to enjoy the fact that they could easily inflate a piece of furniture and then deflate it to put it back if it was no longer needed. That widened so many horizons and everyone began to cherish this fact a lot. Melody Elephant was born as a result of this great inflated furniture revolution.

The Fabric Specialists

We, here at Melody Elephant, call ourselves the fabric specialists because we have it figured out. Fabric is an important factor when it comes to the design of just about anything let alone furniture. We understood that firstly, our fabric needed to be strong and sturdy so we tested an ample lot of fabrics here and there. We tried them in every way possible to really find one with the maximum strength and then we found the perfect fabric. Secondly, we needed something that would be fade resistant.

Most of the usage of inflatable furniture is that of the outdoors. The outdoors are a harsh place and not many types of fabrics can face the harsh outdoor environment. We needed something that would keep its colour intact despite all the outdoor weather changes and sun damage and we found it! After years and years of perfecting, we now have one of the strongest blended fabrics that do the job perfectly. This is why we call ourselves the fabric specialists because we have nailed it down for your ease. We have put in the work and effort so that you get to enjoy trouble free time!

The Strength Of Our Furniture

Strength is everything when it comes to making inflatable furniture because if the furniture is not strong enough, there is really no difference between it and a beach ball. We test our furniture extremely carefully to make sure that it is strong enough to support the weight of our consumers. We even pressure test it if you are planning to keep it in the children's room. The adhesion is one the most important steps when we are making inflatable furniture for you and we take that step very seriously. We make sure that we use the right kind of adhesion techniques to present to you a strong product that can withstand high amounts of body weight and does not come down easily. This is why when we guarantee you quality, we also guarantee strength and there is an unsaid promise that our product will never disappoint you. So you can blindly trust us when you buy something from Melody Elephant that it will be the best possible version of itself in the market or literally anywhere.

Our Team At Melody Elephant

The design team at Melody Elephant is one of the best ones in the inflatable furniture business that you will find in the continental US or anywhere around the world. We have handpicked every single member of our team to suit the exact needs of our furniture building machinery. We are ever so proud of every single member who is part of the Melody Elephant team because we know that they are highly trained professionals who will put their heart and soul into the making of every single piece of furniture.

Moreover, our team is excellent at brainstorming and bringing in ideas. It must also be declared here that not every single pitched idea is selected at Melody Elephant. We are very meticulous about picking ideas. Each idea goes through a deep screening process and the team scrutinizes every single aspect. After a whole lot of refinement, a single pitched idea reaches the higher team where they decide whether the consumer will benefit from it or not. The best part about our team is that everything is not centered around the company but around you, the consumer. We keep your needs in mind whenever we put something on the market and that is why every product of ours seems tailored to the very needs that you have. This is the reason for the success of our company for the past three decades, ever since 1993, we have always kept the consumer in mind rather than our own profits and that is exactly how it should be.

Infinite Ideas At Melody Elephant

The ideas here at Melody Elephant are never ending because we have put all our thoughts into making something pretty amazing for you. Every single day we make it a mission of our life to make living standards for you better and to make your living areas more liveable. The infiniteness of ideas at Melody Elephant is unreal and you will be amazed to see how many different heads are put together to bring to you one amazing piece of inflatable furniture that will make your life as easy as it can get and be a memorable purchase for you. We understand the importance of your money and do not give you something that will not make you feel proud of the purchase you have made.

We begin every day by remembering why we do this. Every day when we walk through the doors of our warehouse, our goals are clear in our heads when we bring to you the greatest inflatable furniture that you will ever lay your hands on. We will always cherish the kind of trust that you put in us and will never let you down.

Exemplary Home Design

With Melody Elephant’s advent in the inflatable furniture market, we have truly made the greatest design revolution there is. We have redone the whole way people look at home design. We have brought about a whole new style of the home design that was not common before! We are the peoples’ company and that is why everything we have done has come to some great fruition. We have kept you in mind and ever since that moment, everything the company has produced has created ripples all across home styling trends. We wish to keep making those amazing trends all across home styling yet again because each day we keep adding new patterns, styles, and items to our already diverse collection. Each day we aim to bring about a new revolution and we succeed every single time. Thanks to you and you alone!